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Inhabit Drift Wall Flats

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Transform your home with a biodegradable and sustainable wall tile that can be installed over existing walls to improve the appearance of your home. Tired of the wall paper but dont want to spend the time or effort taking it all off, repairing the walls and repainting or wallpapering? Cover the walls with Inhabit Drift Wall Flats for an instant improvement. You could also place Inhabit Drift Wall Flats over a large glass window to filter light and provide privacy. These wall tiles are made from waste created during processing of sugarcane. Normally, this waste was just burned or added to landfills but Inhabit uses the Bagasse sugarcane byproduct to create wall flats that are environmentally friendly and attractive. The Drift Wall Flats come in off-white, but can be painted with any color you like. The tiles can be trimmed to fit your wall space, and any scrap materials can be recycled with your paper products. Inhabit Drift Wall Flats come in boxes of 10 tiles each and will cover wall space of 22.5 square feet. Samples: Due to variances in color perception with a monitor, samples are available and strongly recommended. Please click here to order a sample prior to making your purchase. Samples ship in approximately 2-3 business days.