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Inhabit Wall Flat Samples

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Wondering what the Inhabit Wall Flats would look like on your wall? Now you can order the Inhabit Wall Flat Samples and receive one or all designs to help you decide whether or not the wall flat tiles are a good fit for your needs, and then to help you decide which pattern you like best in your space. Each Inhabit Wall Flat Sample can be painted so you can see what they look like in the colors of your choice, and they are fully recyclable with paper goods or the compost pile. The wall tiles are made from bagasse a byproduct of sugarcane processing that is normally just burned or thrown in landfills. If you purchase Inhabit Wall Flat Samples, a $10 credit will be added to your full order if you purchase the wall flats after you buy samples. Each Inhabit Wall Flat Sample is 18 x 18 inches.Fabric color samples are also available for purchase. Please click here.