Rustic Woodworker Blair Sligar

Orlando woodworker Blair Sligar designs and creates incredible pieces in his workshop Hog Eat Hog. In this beautifully shot and edited video, we get to watch Blair at work, and the rustic setting and gentle pace of his work is almost lullaby-like. When discussing his work, Blair says:

“I really like to explore and create and design. I hope that my clients appreciate the type of work that I do and come to me for that. It’s what my shop is built on: not doing whatever comes through the door just to make money. I am not the right person for some jobs. I am going to stubbornly keep hammering away at what I do even though I could probably make plenty more re-facing cabinets and building laminate kitchens. But I am not interested in that type of work. I’m committed to creating furniture and sculpture in a unique way, and I think that sets me apart from other shops.”

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